Discover the NAture

Centro i Piani is immersed in a unique naturalistic context, rich in splendid scenery and centuries-old forests of beech, fir and chestnut trees, as well as a very numerous local fauna, which ranges from large birds of prey such as the Buzzard and the Eagle Owl (which is also the Golden Eagle, whose presence has been confirmed by recent sightings), to the smaller and more curious Woodpeckers and Rampichino, as well as many other species.

But among the vertebrate fauna the one that arouses the greatest charm is represented by the large ungulates such as the Roe Deer and the King of the Forests …. the Red Deer, very present here, as well as by a strong and increasing presence of the Wolf.

If you are a lover of nature photography or would simply like to be able to spot these splendid animals by learning the basic techniques of approach and mimicry, Piani is the right place for you!

Here you will have the opportunity to be accompanied to these forests to listen to the roar of the deer or the howling of a pack of wolves in the moonlight, and why not …. with a little luck, you can immortalize these magical moments.

Photo taken by Edoardo Farolfi
Photo taken by Edoardo Farolfi