who we are?

a bit of history

The first documents concerning the structure of the Plans date back to the second half of the 1700s on the occasion of the land registry announced by the Grand Duke of Tuscany Pietro Leopoldo. The structure at the time, and until the early 1900s, was one of the largest farms of the Rincine farm, which the writer Vasco Pratolini also spoke about in one of his most famous texts: Metello. During the years of the Second World War, I Piani was a shelter for displaced people from neighboring countries, such as Castagno d’Andrea. In 1965 the state property complex was purchased by the ENCC (National Cellulose and Paper Body), then SAF (Agricultural Forestry Society). In 2001, the company passed to the Regional Forestry Agricultural Heritage and was entrusted to the management of the Mountain Community of the Florentine Mountains which became the Union of the Valdarno and Valdisieve Municipalities in December 2010.

Today I Piani center is a state-owned structure within the Rincine Complex. In 2007 the building, which at the time was little more than a ruin, was assigned to the current dealers who, over the years, have carried out the restoration work with commitment and dedication. Over the years, the renovation work, not yet completed, has seen the involvement of many people and various local and non-local voluntary organizations over the years.

the farm

Behind the company’s activities there is a passion for recovering forgotten environments, territories and crops to restore value. Through tourism there is the desire to make known places, landscapes, history and extraordinary flavors, which concern our roots, but which seem to be part of a forgotten world. To date we have recovered and put into production an old chestnut forest, an orchard of pastures and crops. We have also started a bee farm with over 100 hives.

Renovation work

The renovations have been done respecting and giving life to the original spaces without altering their original destination. The material used was almost completely recovered on site and restored. The rooms are rustic, but very comfortable and full of an ancient charm.